Welcome to an unusual website

Rev.Mac.BSc.com is an unusual website for an unusual author. Rev. Mac. is a well-educated man of science who has worked most of his life as a teacher as well as being an ordained minister of the church.

His first publication ‘Knowledge Tinted Glasses’ is really about faith; how it comes about and on what it is based.  Nearly everyone has faith, be it faith in Science, faith in religion or just faith in people, and this book explores the origins of faith and belief.

Much of the content of this first book explores hard concepts and hard questions, it is designed to spark debate in its readers and the blog section of this website is designed to elaborate  on this and give readers a forum to discuss the topics publicly.

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Your thoughts and feedback…

I believe that we all hope, whether we are authors, scientists, religious leaders or even by a strange twist of fate all of the above, that what we have to say will be interesting and thought-provoking to those around us.

I write each of my publications and blog posts to encourage debate amongst my readers. I am lucky enough to receive a lot of quality responses.

So please grab a coffee with a friend or jump on the comments section of our blog and talk!

My partner and I found ourselves heatedly debating aspects of the book into the small hours of the morning with great delight!
Lucie Green
I found the book a very interesting read, it addresses the kind of questions have perturbed theologians and philosophers, but does so in plain speaking language which can be appreciated by everyone.
James McDonald